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Major Taylor International Cycling Alliance

Our Management Board

“Brother Bill” Gaston

Misfits, MTC3

• President:  Positions and Responsibilities

The president of your board of directors is the head of your nonprofit board. They preside at board meetings and create meeting agendas. This individual also supervises all of the business affairs of the board and acts as the primary contact for the group. While this individual may serve as the organization’s executive director, the role is very different. Your executive director manages the organization’s daily activities, while your board president is in charge of governance.

Stefanee Richardson

Major Taylor North Carolina

• Treasurer: Positions and Responsibilities

The treasurer on your board of directors is responsible for overseeing your organization’s financial condition by keeping track of receipts and disbursements. This person might be a part of your finance team, or at least in frequent contact with them. If you are required to conduct a financial audit, your treasurer will present the findings.

Aaron Jackson

Major Taylor San Antonio

• Ride Challenge Director

Shirley Droney

MajorTaylor Columbus

• Secretary: Positions and Responsibilities

The secretary of your board of directors is responsible for distributing your meeting agenda and recording the minutes of the meeting. They’ll also make sure all documentation is filed and organized correctly for easy access at a later date and ensure all actions are in line with the organization’s bylaws.

Myron Knight

Major Taylor Oklahoma

• Special Events Coordinator: Positions and Responsibilities

The Special Events Coordinator shall coordinate special events, such as social events for all Major Taylor Clubs. International Ride Challenge, International Major Taylor Convention and other future events and activity.



Arree Williams

MajorTaylor Columbus

• Director of Memberships Positions and Responsibilities

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